Galaxy Nutritional Food’s New Vegan Cream Cheese – Chive & Onion

Published June 18, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I’ve been really excited about Galaxy Nutritional Food‘s new vegan cream cheese since I read about it during the expo. Up until now, you’ve had two choices for vegan cream cheese… Tofutti or Follow Your Heart brands. From what I’ve read, most people seem to prefer the Tofutti out of these two, but I absolutely do not. I prefer the more accurate tang of FYH’s cream cheese, as well as sour cream.

A note: GNF makes both “veggie” and “vegan” cream cheese, though I’m not quite sure why. I know with some of their other products, the “veggie” ones contain cassein, which is milk protein, and the “vegan” do not. However, I read on GNF’s FB that both lines of cream cheese are vegan, and after comparing the ingredients of both [on their website], I’ve found that they’re actually identical. The website states that “veggie” is available at grocery stores, and “vegan” at natural food stores. Regardless, my whole foods is carrying the vegan in both flavors, plain or chive & onion, so I chose the latter.


I happened to have had a bagel this morning (i smuggled in some FYH cc in a little bit of aluminum foil to top mine with!) before I went to grocery shopping today [and found this], and had half a bagel leftover that was a perfect vehicle for this test drive.

I was immediately impressed with the texture. GNF’s texture is incredibly smooth and easy to spread. I decided to do a straight cream cheese taste. Again, very pleasantly surprised. I felt like I was eating actual cream cheese. The only thing missing is the distinctive tangy-ness of the real thing. I decided since I had some FYH left, to do a side by side comparison.

I was shocked at how the FYH tasted compared to GNF’s! In contrast FYH tasted fake, sweet and had a too firm texture. The tangy aftertaste was there, but it was no longer enough to carry it. The GNF was by far the winner, tang or no tang!

I tried both on crackers too, and still, GNF was the winner. In order for this to be more fair, I would have liked to try the plain against the plain, but the chive & onion sounded too good to pass up!

Thanks GNF for a fine new product!

3 comments on “Galaxy Nutritional Food’s New Vegan Cream Cheese – Chive & Onion

  • Thanks for the Taco Bell tip! Yeah – it wasn’t too terrible while I was out there… I ate a lot of thai and veggie sushi. And discovered that I have a soft spot for McDonald’s oatmeal!

    • Is that oatmeal vegan? I read somewhere that it’s actually a really bad choice, nutritionally.

      Also, I use a lot if i’m out and unsure. It makes it a little more discreet than having to ask them about everything on the menu.

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