Vegetarian Plus VEGAN Citrus Sparerib Cutlets

Published May 23, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Previously, I had reviewed Vegetarian Plus’ black pepper steaks and loved them, so I was really excited to try these delicious sounding spare rib cutlets. Much like the steaks, these come frozen in a bag with a really delicious sauce, so there’s not much to throwing a great meal together really fast. I didn’t bother to defrost the bag this time. Instead I just put the bag out on the counter while I began on the rest of the meal. This worked just fine.

I threw a bag of mixed frozen vegetables (in this case onions and red & green peppers) into a lightly misted (olive oil) skillet and turned it up to med-high heat. Once the veggies had defrosted some, and some of the water evaporated I added in the [now] somewhat defrosted bag of cutlets and sauce. I stirred this until the sauce coated everything, and turned it down to medium to simmer. Once most of the liquid evaporated off, I just served it over some leftover quinoa.

These were incredibly tasty and the texture was excellent. I really love their vegan products so far. Be careful though, because they make a whole line of products and only the ones clearly labeled VEGAN, are. Quick, Easy, and Awesome.

Enjoy! : )

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