Moo Moo’s Vegetarian Cuisine – A review

Published April 27, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Have you tried any of Moo Moo’s Vegetarian Cuisine? I saw these at my Greenwise Publix and decided to give them a shot. It’s too bad microwaved food never even remotely looks like the luscious pictures on the box, huh?

I like to have a couple of frozen meals stashed in the freezer at work, and that was my intent when I bought this. However, I was both hungry and lazy when I got home today so I decided to give this one a whirl. It was either that or a Taco Bell fresco bean burrito on my way home.

Honestly? Next time I will opt for the fresco bean burrito. This was kinda bland. I jazzed it up with some bottled chunky hot salsa. And at 4 times the price of the fast food burrito, I really expected more.

I still have the Sweet ‘N Spicy Curry Tofu one to try, so I’ll letcha know about that. I hope I like it. It’s always nice to have more convenient vegan options.


I decided to just come back and up date now that I tried both entrees. Turns out this one was just horrible! The combination of flavors was so bad that I took a bite, and almost spit it out. I was starving, however, so I just picked out the tofu pieces and ate them, and then tossed the rest.

How very disappointing! : (  I would definitely stick to my favorite Amy’s frozen meals in the future. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

2 comments on “Moo Moo’s Vegetarian Cuisine – A review

  • I did a Google search for Moo Moo’s and found your blog. I wanted to see if anyone else had tried the Curry Tofu. I’m glad I am not alone in finding it disgusting! The red cabbage turned so bitter and the sauce was so green and pasty. I had to toss it after a few bites. I am not vegan but like to have meatless meals several times a week. I have not tried the burrito but the chickpea flavor is decent. My co-worker said the cashew noodles are good. Anyway, glad to have stumbled over to your blog!

    • It really was SO disappointing! I usually buy the Amy’s frozen meals. Some of my faves are the tamale verde, the burritos, and the veggie loaf, which is not technically vegan because it has honey, but I eat honey occasionally.

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