Appetite for Reduction’s Mac and Trees… kinda

Published April 23, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So this is AFR’s Mac and Trees recipe…sorta. I took the liberty of skipping the trees (cut up broccoli) and using a 12oz bag of frozen “mediteranean”  blend vegetables instead. Since I used [whole wheat] maccaroni pasta, the veggies and pasta took the same time to cook, so I added them in all at once upon the water boiling.

I had a couple of tablespoons of Daiya cheddar in a bag in the freezer that I mixed in too, along with some vegan parm, cayenne, smoked paprika and smoked pepper.

Pretty darn good for being so low in fat!

The dry ingredients waiting for the water addition. Oh, and I used a bouillon cube in place of the broth powder.

Good, and filling, and FAST!

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