Appetite for Reduction’s Chickpea Piccata

Published April 16, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So this was the other chickpea meal that I had been meaning to make. It actually comes from AFR, not the Veganomicon. My preparation of this dish was not exactly spot on due to the fact that I didn’t really read it through, and I was rushing because I was heading to the rollerskating rink as soon as I finished dinner! : ) I’m happy to report that it’s a really tasty and FAST dish, though!


I was almost out of shallots so I supplemented the one large one I had with some sweet onion to make my scant 1 cup. I did my usual mist of the pot versus pouring out olive oil, (though this recipe only called for 1 tsp!) and used a little veggie broth when they got dry. I threw the capers in with the broth and wine addition, and then realized I wasn’t supposed to until after the sauce simmered. So I went ahead and threw the chickpeas in too, because I think chickpeas straight out of the can benefit from a little cooking & softening. I only added 1 tbsp of lemon juice since I remembered the moussaka cream sauce the other day called for 3 tbsp the other day and was way too much. This was a good move. It was plenty lemon flavored with the 1! I also ended up thickening up the sauce a little with about 1/2 tsp. of arrowroot powder and bringing it back up to medium for a few minutes. The sauce may have been a little thicker at this point if you followed the recipe, or not. I just can’t be sure. Last, I served it over some quinoa that I put to cook at the beginning making this dish. No time for mashed potatoes or caulipots, as suggested in AFR. Hah ; )

Here is everything boiling away for 7 minutes and reducing.

I served it with a really fresh salad of garden fresh tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of vegan parm.

Another winner! : )

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