Dinner @ Season’s 52 vs. Mellow Mushroom

Published March 6, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

(My ramble about getting some dinner into us last night!)

I was running some errands last night, and all of them were fairly close to Season’s 52 in Boca, so I decided to head there. Since we didn’t have a reservation, and there wasn’t any seating in the bar area, we took a table outside, even though it looked overcast.

I’ve eaten there before, and I’m a fan of their market vegetable plate. While I like that they have a separate vegan menu, pictured below, my one complaint is that I think  they should make at least 1 of their many flatbreads vegan! Please?! You can read my review a previous experience  here.

Well, before we could even order any food, it began to rain. It was okay though, because the smoke from the torches on the patio was overwhelming. So we headed over to Mellow Mushroom.

The only problem with Mellow Mushroom is parking. I eventually found a space right when I was about to give up. There was a wait, but we easily got a couple of seats at the bar and got the other thing we came here for… beer! : ) Fin du monde and Panic Attack. I had a custom pizza, which was just delicious! This place rocks!

Made Vegan: red base, Daiya cheese, fresh basil, yellow peppers and tempeh. Small about $14

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