Mellow Mushroom! Delray Beach

Published February 26, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Just a few quick pics from dinner the other night at mellow mushroom! Since Mellow Mushroom is close by, has Daiya cheese, and is happy to veganize items on their menu, (and don’t stare at you like you’re an alien if you make such a request!) it will definitely be a place I’m happy to frequent often. The cool rock and roll ambiance, great service and 50 draft and 50 bottled beer selections don’t hurt either. ; ) Speaking of beer, have you tried Holy Mackerel’s 10% Panic Attack?! It’s absolutely great. If there’s one near you, you must try them out!

The restaurant’s covered in paintings of great album covers.

Bruschetta, made vegan (no feta!) $6.99   AMAZING!

Made vegan: tomato sauce base, Daiya cheese, yellow peppers, onions and jerk tofu. Large  $23.99(?) DELICIOUS!


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