Vitamix Dilemma

Published February 23, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

The Vitamix came yesterday! I was excited at first, and then pulled it out of the box and thought… do I really need this blender? I definitely needed it before my sister’s generous donation of the KitchenAid processor, but now… I’m not so sure. I’ve been getting pretty decent results now, and I’m scared to try the vitamix and love it.

The pitcher does not lock on to the MASSIVE base, by the way. So I’m a little afraid that I will need to hold my crazy commercial blender tight while blending. Currently I’ve been going to jump on my mini-trampoline in the morning for a few minutes while I leave the KitchenAid whizzing, so this is kind of a bummer. Also, it is so giant that it does not fit under kitchen cabinets assembled! (I included the beer bottle for scale!)

I think I may return it without even trying it; it’s better not to know what I’m missing, right? Of course, I’ve been watching all kinds of videos online and reading reviews and it’s making me want to at least try it out… hah ; ) The price is obscene, but it has a 7 year warranty and lots of people have had theirs for 10+ years of daily use, which makes it less so. Thoughts?

2 comments on “Vitamix Dilemma

  • I actually just went to the home and remodeling convention in miami with my mom, I think it was last week (before even seeing your posts about it) and we were so intrigued by the guys presentation that we bought two of them. Like you, I am on a total smoothie kick now! I am totally in love with this thing and would recommend it to EVERYONE! It is very, very pricey but sooooo worth it. I have yet to find anything wrong with it and have been making something everyday.

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