Green Smoothies 6 & 7: the processor upgrade

Published February 19, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

On my way down to the Univision awards show, my sister and I were talking. I was telling her about the whole green smoothie thing, and how thursday morning’s attempt had resulted in me tying a towel around the processor when green juice had started to spurt out. She generously offered me her much more modern, never used, red KitchenAid.

I was a little resistant to curb the almost 30 year old cuisinart. That is until I tried her KitchenAid. Not only is it a lot easier to clean (less parts) but it has some other nice little features, and got my smoothies WAY SMOOTHER! Still chewing each sip a bit, but much better. She’s really excited about my new Vitamix too. She’s apparently been wanting one for herself for some time. So until it arrives, I’ll be using this. Oh! and I’m able to get a little more in there, and no overflowing out the top! : )

Hello. I am the new processor in town. Don’t I look lovely next to the purple mixer? : )

Green smoothie #6: extra fruity. Red swiss chard, apple, bananas, and mangoes.

Green smoothie #7: collard greens and apples

You can see the greens are chopped much finer in the new processor. I used 6 big collard leaves, and about 2 cups of frozen spinach along with water, an apple, 1/2 c. of almond milk, a banana, frozen mangoes and a handful of raisins just to see how it handled them. No problem!

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