Green smoothie #5: the apple secret!

Published February 16, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

No smoothie pic today, I do apologize, I was in a hurry. It looked very much like yesterday’s though!

Instead of doing three big full leaves of red swiss chard, I just put in two, and the last of the frozen kale and some frozen spinach. I added water and almond milk, and blended away. Today I went with the frozen peaches to try something new, and it still wasn’t sweet enough, so I decided to try an apple. The first 3 that I made with apples were good, so it seemed like a good plan.

YES! Apples are the perfect complement to greens, I now realize. I also added just a little maple syrup. Yay! I stopped and bought some more [organic] red delicious on my way home today for the rest of the week. So apple a day it shall be.

PS- If you’re buying apples make sure you buy organic. Apples are very high up on the “dirty dozen” list of produce most contaminated with pesticides.

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