Green Smoothie Experiment w/ food processor

Published February 12, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

So if you follow the facebook page, you may have seen me post that I am currently reading the book Crazy Sexy Diet. It’s been motivating me to make all kinds of changes like getting in more raw foods, changing my soap, exercising, and thinking about other things like regulating my sleep cycle, and adding in yoga & meditation. Another thing I definitely want to incorporate however, is the green smoothie. I had ordered the book Green for Life through the amazon vine program to review a while back, and it didn’t really catch my interest at the time. Now I’m happily reading through this thin volume to figure this whole thing out. (and now I’ll finally be able to write the review for it!)

So from what I can tell, if you want to make super smooth green smoothies you need a really fancy blender like a vitamix, for example. I thought that before making an investment like that, I should A. try this thing out first and B. give my cuisinart food processor a chance to impress me. I don’t own a blender at all, forget about a really fancy one, because I’ve found that my hand me down 25+ year old cuisinart handles all of my needs.

Here are the results:

8 strawberries with their leaves
1 apple, cored and cut into chunks
1 c. of frozen, chopped blue kale
1 c. of water

This made enough for two of those glasses full.

So as you can see, it definitely did not give me the smooth texture of a vitamix or similar blender. But it still tasted fine! I was chewing each sip a bit before swallowing, not necessarily bad. Regardless, I just had 1 leafy green and 2 fruit servings. Which is pretty darn good for me. I struggle with leafy greens, even though I know better, and I NEVER eat fresh fruit. The main reason for this? I buy fresh produce and forget about it, so it goes bad. So what I did instead was I started buying frozen greens (cheaper too!) and shaking them into everything I could. I can see this would be a really good healthy habit to get into, and I’d be eating raw & fresh, so even better. I’m pretty sure I’ll spring for the vitamix though (refurbished!); it does a lot of cool stuff! ; )

PS- I was also perusing GreenSmoothieGirl‘s youtube channel and found lots of good information, if you want to read/see more on the subject.

********** UPDATE **************

Thought I would include a link to my 1st time making a green smoothie in my Vitamix for contrast. You can see it here!

6 comments on “Green Smoothie Experiment w/ food processor

  • Some days when I’m home I use my Vitamix 3 times. Green smoothie, tortilla soup, and cashew/almond chocolate sorbet.
    I carry it with me on the plane in case i need a spare engine too.

    • Haha, I was just saying the other day how it’s true that you do end up using it for a lot of other things besides smoothies. But really, for green smoothies, there is nothing better than a high speed blender. soups and dressings, and i even use it to make my pumpkin pies.

  • I have a refurbished vitamix. I am SO happy with it and find it to be absolutely worth the price. To be fair, though, it was a wedding gift. Have you tried an immersion blender?

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