Bobby’s Tofu Benedict

Published January 29, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

I needed a Mary fix this morning, and was up unusually early, so I went over to meet their new doggie, Slippy. (sorry no pic!) Bobby was in the kitchen in no time getting out all the fixin’s for his yummy tofu benedict. He cooked this up while we took for Slippy for his morning walk. He uses silken tofu, spices, and little bit of light olive oil for the vegan hollandaise, and used english muffins, tofurky sausage, and seasoned extra firm tofu for the eggyweggs. Scrumptious! Mary also wrote down her recipe for vegan butter pecan ice-cream for me to try, which I’m psyched about, and will most likely be preparing the base today, for freezing tomorrow. (Canister is already in there on the coldest setting. Woot!)

And now onto the food! PS- Ketchup & hotsauce optional. : ) Bobby put it out because he knows me well.

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