Chickenesque Seitan

Published January 11, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

This was the seitan I came up with after reading countless recipes. It makes about 2 lbs.

Chickenesque Seitan

1 c. vital wheat gluten
1/2 c. chickpea/garbanzo flour
1 c. water

Cooking Broth:
6 c. water
1 vegan bouillon cube, chicken flavor or veggie
1/2 c. nutritional yeast
1/4 c. Braggs or soy sauce
2 tsp. onion powder
3 tsp. sage
1.5 tsp. thyme
1/2 tsp. oregano

(when made in my xtra large pot 7.5qt, extra 2c. water & bouillon cube.)


1. Mix wheat gluten and chickpea flour with the paddle attachment in a mixer, or with a fork in a mixing bowl. Slowly add in water, and dough ball will form. I used a stand mixer and just let it knead the dough for me while I finished getting the broth ready. This was probably about 10 minutes. If you’re kneading by hand, 5 minutes should suffice.

2. Time to shape those pieces! you can cut it up into bite-sized pieces, make cutlets, medallions, etc. It’s up to you. The rule of thumb here is that they will generally double in size, so choose wisely : )

3. Bring a medium pot full of all the broth ingredients up to a boil, and drop in seitan pieces. Cover and simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Let the seitan cool a bit before draining. If you’re not using it right away, you can keep it in the broth or drain it and put it in a tightly sealed container for the next day.

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