Vegan Comfort Food’s Veganized Orange Chik’n

Published January 6, 2011 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

In my life I think I only had real orange chicken maybe 5 times, but I absolutely loved it. The last time I was visiting kass in Brooklyn, we ordered from wild ginger, and I got the orange seitan with broccoli… AMAZING! (before I left NYC I also had  some killer sweet & sour soy protein there too!  my review) So I had some high expectations for this dish.


The sauce was okay, but it really didn’t taste like orange sauce. I get that this is not an authentic recipe, but I think it should be called something else entirely. It was both vinegary & super sweet at the same time, which tasted better than that sounds. Thank goodness I served it with some sea-salted edamame & brown rice. This helped to balance out the flavors a bit.

The tofu, however, was awesome! So no matter what I’m going to be thankful to this recipe for finally giving me a decent method of cooking tofu to my liking. I greased a cookie sheet with canola oil and spread out my firm tofu pieces. I rubbed them with some more canola and baked for 25 minutes. They came out the exact texture that I love. Crispy on the bottom, and around the edges and perfectly cooked inside with a nice texture. I will SO be making delicious stir-fry meals with that now!

Okay, and here is Boris looking cute and being mesmerized by my chopsticks…


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