Amy’s Frozen Pizzas

Published August 4, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

Sometimes I want yummy vegan pizza, and I want it fast. Amy’s makes 3 frozen vegan pizzas, 2 of which have vegan cheese and gluten free rice crust (for those that care). They also make a roasted vegetable pizza, no fake cheese, but so flavorful and yummy.

1. Non-dairy cheeze pizza on rice crust, personal size (not sure why they don’t make a full size?!)

2. Spinach on rice crust (has non-dairy cheese), full size

3. Roasted Vegetable, full size

Now these are delicious, but still fattening.  The crust is delicate and a bit [olive] oily, but it’s delicious, and tends to hold you a lot longer than you’d think. The cheese gets nice & melty too.

You can top the individual cheese one with whatever you like to personalize it. Here I used Yves pepperonis, crushed red pepper flakes, oregano and nutritional yeast. The spinach one is great alone, or dipped in marinara sauce.

** BE CAREFUL!  make sure you buy the non-dairy ones, because they make ones with soy cheese that have milk protein (cassein). If you flip the box, the ingredient list should start out with: (vegan). The soy cheese one says: “contains milk protein” on the front, bottom, left corner.

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