goodies from sur la table

Published June 5, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

went to sur la table again and got all kinds of little goodies including:

le creuset pot cleaner, the cutest cupcake liners you’ve ever seen!, a frosting bag & tips, an awesome, red, LC star shaped ramekin that i have to invent a purpose for so i can buy at least 3 more, plus those interlocking corn holders i had on my wishlist : )

i was good & did NOT buy anymore cassis le creuset, but that’s mostly because i got an awesome deal on the 7.25qt oven on ebay this week and i definitely have to wait for next paycheck before adding anything else to the collection.

oh! i should also mention that cheryl gave me a copy of vegan cookies invade your cookie jar that i will have to make use of! i guess it’s a good thing that i also picked up a SCALE today!

now off to make some chickpea seitan cutlets!

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