purple le creuset??!!!!!

Published May 23, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

a most terrible, horrible, WONDERFUL thing has come to my attention!

le creuset is now making PURPLE wares! specifically, the color cassis, a dark greyish sort of purple that is available at sur la table. fortunately there is one not too far from here, so i’m going to go check it out.

EDIT: also available on amazon, chef’s catalog & the le creuset signature stores. there is a le creuset factory store at sawgrass mills mall here, but they don’t have it. : (

ps- i actually wrote le creuset a letter 3 years ago begging them to make a purple color, and now i just cannot explain how ecstatic i am! hopefully it’s hideous in person so i don’t have to go further into debt buying all of it.

pps- sorry, i know this isn’t a food post, but it was too important not to share! i will have a food post for you later this evening!! ❤

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