Mellow Mushroom, Delray Beach FL

Published May 20, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

have you been to mellow mushroom? they seem to be a large chain these days, so you probably have. a few of my friends were heading out for dinner  last night, and we met up at the delray beach location to have some beers & food. if you are into beer, mellow mushroom has a colossal collection of 100 beers; 50 drafts, and 50 bottles! they also have vegan options like tempeh and tofu sandwiches, and you can get them as toppings for pizza too. some stores even have vegan cheese, and have started carrying the daiya brand. (unfortunately the delray beach location does not have vegan cheese. i’m going to send them a note on their facebook page!) if you order the pretzels plain, they come with mustard & marinara dipping sauce, also vegan, and yummy.

i ordered a bbq sauce base with avocado, tempeh, and onion. they forgot the avocado, but i so did i until the check came. they were a little over zealous with the sauce, and apparently also on the bbq based pie that our friends ordered. besides that, it was delicious, and i’d definitely return again to try some different combinations. the dough is super tasty. they have also started carrying a gluten-free crust, but it has egg. another couple ordered it, and hated it. so much so that they didn’t even take it home, and they hate wasting food! so stick to the original, vegan crust if you go. : )

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