greetings from florida!

Published April 23, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

i’m writing this sitting at the counter of my new kitchen!

the movers are not coming until some time between monday and wednesday of next week, so i’m getting a makeshift kitchen going in the meantime. when i moved to new york, i didn’t take everything with me; i knew i wouldn’t have much space. conveniently that means that a lot of really useful things were left behind, and are here. now! i left behind all my silverware, some tupperware, some utensils, and a cheap block set of knives.

i also borrowed some bar stools and a skillet from my mom, and got a big stainless pot from grandmother, who never cooks for large groups anymore. i  had a lot of cookbooks left in my parent’s house, including my copy of Memories of a Cuban Kitchen, a book my mom, sister, and aunt all have copies of, but i had not yet cooked from. i’ve been meaning to go through and veganize recipes from it, though. (that is one of my goals: to make delicious cuban vegan food, so i don’t feel deprived around the holidays, or anytime really.) so i went through it through it first thing this morning.

now i’m off to shop & get my house feeling a little more homey.


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