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Published April 21, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

i have left the land of vegan restaurants! no problem. with just a little research and extra thought, you can still eat almost anywhere. which is great, especially when you’re on a budget. (um, yes!) so, while i’m kitchen less, i might as well do a post on eating out at non-vegan place. you’ll have to excuse the lack of pictures of the food. i didn’t even think about it at the time. vegan eating out is a great resource to use for just this purpose. i’ll add it to my links on the side bar too, for future reference.

some of my faves:

Taco Bell: fresco bean burrito

Panera Bread: low-fat vegetarian black bean soup & fuji apple chicken salad, no cheese, no chicken

Papa John’s: regular pizza crust, regular sauce and toppings, and the plain breadsticks!

Pei Wei: edamame, sweet & sour tofu & vegetable, brown rice

my mom called me earlier and told me about baja fresh, which is right across the street from our new apt. her new favorite cheap lunch is rice & beans, and chips & guacamole which according to her is more food than she can finish for under $4. so of course i looked it up… Vegan. well, it is as long as you tell them to hold the cheese on the rice & beans. (which she does anyway because of cholesterol how very convenient!

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