wild ginger – bedford ave, brooklyn

Published April 18, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

my neighbor kassidy had been dying to take me to wild ginger, and finally friday i was able to meet up for a delicious “pan asian vegan” meal, and some pinot noir (actually, a lot.) we had a really lovely dinner. just one complaint… but i’ll get to that after the food!


Pan-fried vegetable dumplings: these were really yum & so was the dipping sauce.

B-B-Q ribs: awesome! i had my eye on this item right away, and it tasted like christmas.

Scallion pancakes with home-made mango salsa. greasy, but incredibly good. the salsa helped freshen it up.

Miso soup: kassidy’s pre-dinner soup. she seemed to enjoy it.

Ginger salads: colorful ginger dressing topped salad. i love ginger dressing! i need to learn how to make it.


Sweet citrus soy protein: kassidy’s dish. super savory, and beefy like, over a bed of delicious kale and almonds.  it was very, very good. the brown rice that it came with had pine nuts mixed in.

Sweet & sour soy protein: i LOVED my dish. i used to love sweet & sour chicken, and this had the exact light batter coating of the original. SO, so, so delicious! really, i’m sad i will not get to eat this dish again. or at least for a long while.

Dessert: by dessert we were so full on food and wine! we didn’t even finish, a shame.

Pumpkin cheesecake: creamy, but with a little sour aftertaste. i thought it could’ve been more pumpkin-y.

Chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream: not as good as simply decadent’s, but still yummy and light.

Overall thoughts:

the food was excellent, dessert ok, and the service was fine… that is until the waiter stood behind kassidy until we were done with the check.

VERY RUDE about hovering over you as soon as the check hits the table. he even went so far as to count out the tip as soon as we handed it to him, in front of us, and show it to the other server for approval! i don’t know if they have trouble with the hipster crowd, and are therefore suspicious, or what. regardless, it’s an off-putting ending to an otherwise wonderful meal. apparently this is something you can count on happening at this establishment. kassidy said this has happened every time she has dined there, and she has even witnessed them reprimanding a guest. she has sworn to not come back in the past, but the food is just too delicious.

final thoughts: well-priced, yummy food with serving sizes that are generous without being overwhelming. they take credit cards too.

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