vegan sweets

Published April 8, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

when i ordered the daiya cheese last week (from cosmos vegan shoppe), i also ordered some sweets to try:

the first one is Glenny’s brown rice marshmallow treat in vanilla. regular rice krispy treats aren’t vegan, because regular marshmallows are made with gelatin. so i thought i’d give it a try. i hadn’t had anything marshmallow-y for a while. and well,  i still haven’t! it was really dry, crumbly, and artificially vanilla tasting. (it says organic vanilla flavor, not extract, upon closer inspection.) at least it was only 100 calories.

if you want something like this, i suggest making some peanut buttery vegan krispy treats. i’ve seen vegan marshmallows for sale, but they are always very expensive and give you a very little amount, so i’ve refrained. i made the pb brown rice krispy treats from alicia silverstone’s the kind diet a few months ago, and they were really good and gooey! go google yourself a recipe, and pass these by.

the second contender was Q.bel’s double dark wafer bar. touted as a fancy kit kat bar. this was AMAZING! i’m not the biggest milk chocolate fan, but i do love dark chocolate, and this was SO GOOD. way better than a milk chocolate kit kat, in my opinion! it has 70% cacao. A++!

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