Pala Pizza, NYC

Published April 1, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

While we’re on the subject of daiya cheese & pizza, I might as well tell you about a delicious place: Pala Pizza they’re located in NYC, on 198 Allen St, in the lower east side.

What’s really cool about this place is, well, everything. The atmosphere is romantically lit, the street facing wall is garage style roll up door of windows, and they have bouquets of dried oregano on the table for you to use instead of a shaker. Then the dichotomy… half of the menu is entirely vegan, and the other half is regular food. They even have separate ovens & fryers for the vegan side. This would be an especially great place to go with meat eaters, so every one is happy. (like when my parents visit!)

note windows/door behind me (& ironically, domino's)

This was our one fancy meal since we’ve been in new york, and we tried to order a few things and indulge.

antipasti: zucca antipastobutternut squash, onions, green peas, raisins and basil.
Very tasty!

salad: mela – arugula, apples and daiya cheese.
Very good, a little bitter, but nice with the tart apples.

pizza: patatosa – shaved potatoes, zucchini, rosemary and daiya cheese.
Very good, though I would’ve liked marinara sauce too. I know, this isn’t that kind of pizza. The gooey cheese was wonderful with the potatoes. I dumped the rest of the salad on top too! : ) I liked the apples with it.

pasta: gnocchi – potato gnocchi, cherry tomato sauce, basil and daiya cheese.
This was not as big of a portion as we would have liked. I only got to sneak a bite or two. It was really good, especially the sauce.

We were thrilled that they had 2 vegan desert offerings! pumpkin cheesecake, served with whip “cream” and ice “cream and…

desert: chocolate chocolate chip cake served with vanilla ice “cream”.

The cake was sinful. Normally I would jump at pumpkin anything, but I was actually in a chocolate mood that night. SO DECADENT! I love that vegan chocolate things are usually dark chocolate. Mmmm! I had the leftover cake for breakfast the next morning : ) All in all, it was a great experience. (and convinced me further of my love for Daiya cheese.)  The service was excellent, highly recommend!

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