Daiya vegan cheese!

Published April 1, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

well, the daiya cheese arrived today! coincidentally, today is the day whole foods is supposed to start carrying it nation wide. very convenient for the future, because these are only 8 oz anyway. from what i can tell the retail packs look like nice 2 c. packages, and they can be frozen.

cheddar and italian

so i decided to heat up some pizza and check out the italian blend.

no cheese, light sauce

with pizza sauce added & italian shreds


after a toaster oven @ 375* for a few minutes

so as you can see, it did melt. not all of it, but i pulled it out because i noticed that some of the cheese was bubbling. it was very melty and good. not as salty as real cheese, and a little creamier. yay! i’ve tried some awful vegan cheeses, so it’s nice to find a winner! : )

can’t wait to make mac & cheese!!

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