Vinnie’s Pizza, Brooklyn

Published March 21, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

so weekends are not going to be my most plentiful blog posting time, because i do actually have a weekend job doing open houses for swanky apartments. this weekend’s was in the upper east side. anyway, i called kassidy yesterday to meet up after i got out, and met up with her back in brooklyn. now kass has been telling me for some time that i needed to go to vinny’s pizza, and so we did.

vinnie’s pizza is a regular pizza joint that offers up some inventive vegan options as well. best of all you can get them by the slice! we stopped by the [original] bedford location yesterday and got two different slices, cut in two, to share. 1. mac attack pizza. mac’n’cheese, meat crumbles, and i think hot sauce, on a pizza. mmm. 2. bbq chick’n pizza. bbq sauce, “chicken”, onions. SO good.  i snapped a quick pic of kass, but i don’t think you can really see the pizza too well. we will return soon for vegan pizza goodness.

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