Foodswings! Brooklyn

Published March 19, 2010 by Vegan Derby Cat Party

i love foodswings!

it’s in brooklyn, @ 295 Grand Street. this was my third visit and every time i go it’s difficult to decide what to try. it’s an entirely vegan fast food place. they have burgers, fries, corn dogs, chicken wings, lots of flavors of milkshakes, etc. not the healthiest vegan food you can find, but it sure is tasty.

sweet southern fried bbq wing and corn dog

sausage and peppers parm

chik’n cutlet bacon ranch

homemade chili con seitan & sour cream

the bbq wing was insanely delicious. i had read rave reviews about the wings, and was not disappointed. they have several flavors, so it’s a good excuse to order them all. the texture was great.

the chili was good, though i added a lot of hot sauce. jordan liked his sausage and peppers. my sandwich was pretty dry. it only had a little bit of desiccated looking ranch. it needed some veganaise, bad. the lovely sarah ate a gyro, and said it was good too. oh, and the fries were awesome! i didn’t remember the fries being that good the last time.  the corn dog did not really have a cornbread outside, more of a cornmeal coating. i would’ve preferred the former.

overall, the chicken wing was the winner today, but i’ll be back!

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